Facilitation Services

Facilitation allows everyone in your group to actively contribute to the conversation

Why mediate?

MMC offers facilitation services to nonprofit organizations, local agencies, schools, and businesses. Using a variety of effective methods to address individual communication and learning styles, MMC can facilitate a variety of types of meetings, such as:


MMC can facilitate a variety of meeting types, such as:

  • Staff or team meetings

  • Strategic planning sessions

  • Debriefing of events or activities

  • Brainstorming new directions


Our facilitators are trained and experienced in various forms of alternative conflict resolution, which makes MMC particularly well suited to assist groups with difficult conversations. We are experienced in dealing with conflict and helping people express disagreement in a way that moves them toward mutual understanding.


The MMC facilitator will:

  • Assist in both planning and implementing your meeting

  • Keep the conversation focused on issues relevant to achieving desired goals/outcomes

  • Elicit ideas, suggestions, comments from all participants

  • Discover areas of disagreement and use the energy created by them to spur creativity

  • Highlight areas of commonality and help the group distill and clarify agreements

  • Ensure that everyone feels heard and that their contributions are valued


Benefits of Facilitation:

  • Employing the services of an outside facilitator allows everyone in your group to actively contribute to the conversation

  • Since the neutral facilitator has no prior assumptions and no personal stake in issues discussed, participants feel more comfortable making suggestions and voicing contrary opinions By creating a nonjudgmental, safe environment for dialogue, the facilitator opens new opportunities for creative thinking

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