Parent / Teen Mediation Conferencing

Mediation designed to prevent and resolve disputes and to transform conflict into progress.
the path to parent-teen mediation

Parent-Teen Mediation Conferencing brings youth and their parents together to assist them in engaging in difficult conversations.  This process is led by a mediator and allows family members to participate in conversation with the goal of developing a mutually agreeable and practical plan to meet their specific needs.  This is not counseling, but rather a process which allows all participants to communicate on an even playing field and resolve common family issues such as use of technology, curfews, and substance use.  It is a tool to improve communication and can be used before, during, and after counseling or other interventions.

Effective communication is the key to resolving conflicts and strengthening relationships.  Engaging in a process with respect, shared responsibility, and accountability allows participants to develop solutions with immediate, attainable, and measurable action steps.  Parent-teen mediation conferencing relies on the family’s individual and collective strength to restore relationships, activate self determination, and enhance a sense of shared values.